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The SL "optional" update

I've not opted-in for the most recent update; the sign-on screen offers the option to do so or not. After updating something like 3 times already in the past month, I chose to just stick with the version before this latest. How many updates is it now, anyway :).

Maybe this week I will download the newest. But, if I wait a week, another might come along.

I just want to use new textures I made and need to import :).

Posted by Sierra on January 8, 2005 at 01:20 AM in Sierra's posts | Permalink


I'm just looking around to see what I can see...

Posted by: A visitor | Jan 17, 2005 4:49:17 AM

Just wait! Not worth DL time even at T1 speed. Like you said there will be another in a week or so that you WILL have to DL to use SL. I think we are @ 1.5.15 now. Basicly avg 1 week still

Posted by: Coos Yellowknife | Jan 17, 2005 5:07:42 PM

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