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A mind's playground...and then some

It's been a long few weeks of meetings: we discussed blogs, set up goals for a team project in SL, and dealt with the changes many of us had been through. That's why getting together again for some "down time" last Sunday was a great idea. We spent some quality time around a beach fire, watched John make a clam right before our eyes, we each received a winged horse and ....somewhere along those moments of togetherness, I was reminded once more that SL is really a mind's playground.


We terraform, build houses, make objects...we even make friends and, more importantly, we grow as human beings. I see people working through their misunderstandings and I can't help but notice that any one of us can quit at any point. Yes, you can argue that it's easier to break ties and leave friends you've made on SL, but it truly depends on how much of yourself you choose to dedicate to SL and the relationships you build there. In both real life and second life, the harder thing is to stay, go through those rough times and strengthen yourself and the bonds with the others. As long as we are in Brigadoon, we give each other the hope that we can learn, and we can cross the bridges of communication. This is not Hotel California (from the Eagles song..." You can check out any time you like/ But you can never leave"). On the contrary, you are free to leave Brigadoon any time you wish, but leaving will not teach you anything you had not learned before.

Serious stuff out of the way, I really enjoyed the virtual trampoline. :) I only saw one in real life close to 6 years ago and was too afraid to jump on it. I didn't have as many second thoughts in SL, but I still had to figure out how to use it, where to step, and most importantly, what kind of moves I wanted to make once I was in the air (hehe). Kept me entertained for about 10 minutes as I was figuring out how it was scripted....and throughout the entire time, my heart was actually racing...hmmm wonder if this qualifies as cardio.... :-P


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Thank you for your entry, Silver. I'll access it - for its insights - from time-to-time :).

Congrats! for trying the trampoline. I've never been on one in RL or SL, yet I can ask my cardiologist if the one in SL qualifies as cardio - hee hee. (Heck, maybe it does.)

Posted by: Sierra/Rain | Feb 5, 2005 7:18:16 AM

Thanks for the post, Silver... Really caught the spirit of the gathering in words, which is sometimes hard to do.

Posted by: Jamison Read | Feb 8, 2005 7:20:22 AM

Hey there Silver,

I have to agree seeing the clam appear before my eye was awesome, as is seeing our relationships blossom……like a daffodil on that early spring morning.

Thanks for sharing~~See you Sunday~~

Posted by: delta7899 | Feb 10, 2005 5:26:48 AM

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