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Top 10 List

Well it has been awile sence my lastpost here. Well alot has happened in Brigadoon. We now have mew members. I will say Hi here to them and welcome to Brigadoon. We also have a cool sea tavern called the Salty Dawg. Also getting a new lighthouse as I am typing this :)


Now I am sure the name caught your eye well someone talked about a Top 10 list so I did 2 one why is cool and why it sucks to be AS.

Top 10 why it is cool to be AS

10. You have a great excuse for tpyos and missspellllling of words.

9.  You can listen to everything or nothing, all at the sametime.

8.  You do not have to worry about working by yourself. You work better that way!

7.  You do not waist your time climbing the corperate ladder, or being promoted to the highest level of incompitence, (The Peter principal) AS people enjoy doing what they are good at it. Those that they work for know they are good at it and want to keep them doing what they are good at!

6.  Your visual center is not filtered. You see more all at the same time. You see full pictures not filtered ones. This can be helpfull on and off the job.

5.  You can present your side of an issue without resorting to making your opponent look bad!

4.  No waisting time chitchating about nothing in general. More time for them Special Intrests

3.  A large part of your brain that was used for chitchating and social ques is avalable for better things like all of your "Special Intersts"

2.  You can enjoy a Special interest for awhile and set it aside for another then return to it later and enjoy it again, even years later.

1.  You know you are something "Special" You are like meny other "great minds"

Top 10 why it sucks to be AS

10. NT's want you to take yucky medicine to make you well again. (mayby)

9.  At times What can be good can be bad ie Sensory overload. NT's just filter out stuff that might be important.

8.  NT's use tatics Like "Only children are Autistic" So we are suddenly cured at age 18??? Hmmm

7.  NT's want to sell you all kinds of Snake oil to make you better.  (Ya right!)

6.  NT's harrass us for stuff like rocking, hand flapping, In my case smoking. They do this while they tap there foot. Hmmm???

5.  If you try to speak for other ASD people. NTs become like political canadates and try to make you look bad. This seems to be a tactic used when they eather do not know what they are doing or saying, or when they know the person is right.

4.  If you tell a caring NT you are on the spectrum they fell bad for you.

3.  No NT's can beleve you when you say "It ain't to bad being on the spectrum"

2.  NT's try to brainwash us with there social ques and try to assimulate us in the NT! Hmmm - Assimulate This!

1.  Because we are a minority This is called a Disorder. Why is fighting and trying to make others hurt and fell bad just to be the leader of the pack concidered "Normal?"

Posted by Coos Yellowknife on April 10, 2005 at 06:44 PM | Permalink


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Good to read your Top 10 list, Coos.

One thing I gotta tell ya is... even worse than "disorder" is when people incorrectly say "Asperger's is a DISEASE". It ain't and it can't be cured... but hopefully ignorance can be cured with education. ;)

I spent a lot of my life trying to justify not being me -- finally gave up on that and I'm a lot happier. I hope you are too, realizing these truths.

Posted by: Torley | Apr 11, 2005 12:03:11 AM

Whooo hooo... Thank YOU for posting the "Top 10" lists, Coos :).

Posted by: Sierra/Rain | Apr 11, 2005 10:10:23 AM

another interesting post, Coos :)

all in all, there are ups and downs to being both NT and AS. what we can control is our own levels of tolerance to what is different from us/to what we know.

NTs and AS individuals have a lot to learn from each other...and it shouldn't be about assimilation in one direction or another, but about everyone growing a bit more as human beings by reaching out and trying to understand someone different.

Posted by: SilverGirl | May 10, 2005 5:46:44 PM

Thanks for that. Made me feel all warm and fuzy inside, made me less...off about who I am. Good post.

Posted by: Kaga Popinjay | May 20, 2006 10:22:52 PM

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