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There hasn't been much time to update this blog recently, but changes have been happening throughout these months. The silence is partially due to an on-going high demand for new memberships. Some of our members also suffer from a whole host of other health problems and they have been in and out of Second Life. We usually keep in touch through our private Braintalk forum, but synchronous types of communication tend to be richer and more rewarding.

As I was saying, our group has continued to grow and develop all this time, despite the brief drawbacks. Brigadoon has held a couple of Open House events, periods of a few hours when the island was open to a select few of the general public to come sightsee our homes and talk to us. These residents were generally friends met on the SL mainland who have expressed support and interest in Brigadoon. Although not everyone of us is completely at ease around new people, we decided that those who do not want to meet the guests at the open house can simply choose not to attend or come only for as long as they feel comfortable.

We have also recently hosted a live music concert on Brigadoon. Thanks to the ability of inworld audio streaming, we were able to organize a private event with music from one of the most popular singers inworld -- Frogg Marlowe. (http://www.froggmarlowe.com/) An innovative real-life musician, Frogg has taken on the virtual world of SL as his stage and the residents have proven most encouraging. We are grateful to him for accepting to be our guest and for staying around to chat with us afterwards. :)

Brigadoon has also began an offland initiative by creating the Brigadoon Travelers group. Through this public social channel, we hope to reach people who suffer from Asperger's Syndrome/Autism or people who have interactions with these individuals, be they school teachers or family. We have found many SL residents who have shown interest in AS-related groups for discussion and support around AS social issues. Although we can not provide entrance into the original Brigadoon group to everyone and the process itself takes time, we hope that the Brigadoon Explorers will prove helpful, especially to those who are familiar enough with SL already.

Until next time, which hopefully will not be too far away :)

-SilverGirl aka Amalthea Blanc

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