Hey all-

Just wanted to introduce myself, I am Delta7899 here at the blog, on the island, I am know as Sapphier Stirling. I am a mother, wife, confidant and paraprofessional. I am in my fourth year working one-on-one with a now 14 year old. My desire is to learn from, and enlighten the readers of this blog the diverse challenges those with Aspergers may face.

My student has passionate interests and proficiency in certain subjects; he also has a vast deal of difficulty with organization and social skills. His brain often will over process even the smallest piece of sounds. Imagine hearing 24 pencils move (that of his classmates) while doing class work. He has made substantial progress with sounds, graduating from earphones he once wore the entire day at school, to not wearing them at all. However, he always knows they are available to him.

I am so very proud of his every accomplishment and tell him often.


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