Snow Cabin Creations...

It was a cold and overcast day... and ... uhm, my computer decided to hybernate. It just died, went to sleep, took a break from everything: It crashed. It left me feeling separation anxiety. I need my computer for work, and for accessing SL, and for writing myself E-mails when I can't walk or just want to amuse myself; I laugh when I think that I might actually respond to a message I sent meee. But I digress...

Okay, so that feeling of "Oh no, what am I gonna do now?" only lasted a few minutes, until an ah-ha! moment came to me: Use my external HD to see what I could save in case the 'puter just was not in the mood to work any longer.

Before the "great crash" of 2005 (which I am cautiously dubbing it with the hope that it won't happen again this year), this is what I made for my snow cabin and was in the midst of trying to share here ... when, well, I don't want to go back to that moment the monitor went dark. My screenshots were saved of what I had made: the workstation and southwestern picture; a fireplace and small stand; and, too, my kitchen appliances...

Image1_3 Image2_2


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Meee 2

More of my favorite things at Brigadoon...

The mountaintop:

My garden:Image6_5Garden1_3Garden3_2

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My Favorite Topic: Meee

Bunny1_2In SL, people at Brigadoon call me: Rain (short for Rainmaiden). The image - to the left - is of me taking my virtual pet bunny for a stroll. He's fast; he's lost somewhere in the virtual world. If anyone sees him, please send him back home.

In RL, I don't appear the same as the image depicts; I don't have pinkish-purplish color skin, and I'm not bald.  I've AS. The diagnosis has been an enormous relief.

The aspect I value most about SL, and appreciate about John having launched Brigadoon, is: In Second Life, I also have no physical disability; I can walk or run when I want!  A couple of my favorite sites, I shared with friends after telling them about Asperger's, are:

I chose the name Rainmaiden for SL. For years, my friends had called me Rain Woman, and a college professor continuously encouraged me to see the movie "Rain Man." They said I reminded them of the Dustin Hoffman character and of that movie  - in the days when I was mis-diagnosed. No one, who knows me in RL, was surprised when I was diagnosed with Asperger's. To me, it meant, people would stop trying to "fix" me or want me to take medications that have no efficacy for Asperger's.

Some of my favorite images (taken at Brigadoon) are below:

Hewie1Hewie (pictured right) is also a "resident" of Brigadoon. I sort of hugged him once, only he was standoffish - or shy. 

This is the first house I built: 

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The SL "optional" update

I've not opted-in for the most recent update; the sign-on screen offers the option to do so or not. After updating something like 3 times already in the past month, I chose to just stick with the version before this latest. How many updates is it now, anyway :).

Maybe this week I will download the newest. But, if I wait a week, another might come along.

I just want to use new textures I made and need to import :).

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Before the lastest - is it 2 or 3 ? (I've lost count) - SL updates/patches were released, I finally taught myself how to make 1-prim appliances and more 1-prim furniture w/textures imported.

Now, if SL will just continue working, maybe I'll be able to share them soon :).

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