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a summary on fridays sl event

as john shared a few entrees ago, there was an event on the live2give island last night.  the exchange and interest level of those attending was a surprise~  john opened it up to a free flow of questions and input of the group.  there were many who had added quite a bit.  you guys were great.
we made sure folk knew about both the live2give project and the brigadoon project, gave um a summary of what we did. and that we'd REALLY love to see others with disabilities and such come to sl!  like to see doors open for them, and would welcome them to join us!!
some of the folks who attended knew wilde or of them, some had no clue.  so i shared that they were currently a group of 9 adults who played a single character (av) as one.   that they had rather severe disabilities and had been blown away by the empowerment they've since experienced.  and how sl had led them to blogging.  they have a global presence, like going from rags to riches overnight for them.  they love to share, they want to share, with the world!
members of the group shared that friends and family had also experienced simular freedoms and inclusion.  each with their own stories on how they felt enriched from it.  it had become a place where the physical torments and insecurities are erased and playing fields were leveled.  even one example of a person without physical disability whose social disabilities were made null and void.
one person shared how they'd had a back injury and that being able to play had really made that time easier on them.  they could identify with how it kept you feeling connected and of value.
many asked if such virtual breakthroughs had real life fruit.  the answer was yes.  it was an overwhelming yes.  one guy said it so well, it WAS a part of real life.  at that point i wanted to distribute a piece of my rl presentation on just how many real life gains had been realized by wilde!  but i held back.  i dont have the groups okay to do that as of now.
there was a question line which wondered if such virtual experiences were not merely a crutch.  the discussion followed that all have crutches and insecurities, and that anything that moves us out from them was good. its okay for people to have different things work for them, as long as they are working.  they dont have to look the same as ours.
there was a discussion on how wilde was enjoying and directing the development of their island.  it was pointed out who had what jurisdiction, and why they chose that.  the crystal garden filled with notecards of wilde's writings was singled out as one example.  wilde has passionately and with a yearning to share sculpted that area.  sharing wisdom, humor, struggles, instructions, inspiration,etc.  they want them available to the world.  they are all contained on this blog under wilde's writings to the left.
we discussed possible interfaces to facilitate online usage for people with severe physical challenges, things that might be done.  this link was shared http://braintalk.blogs.com/live2give/2005/01/using_biofeedba.html
it goes to a link on this site talking about biofeedback possibilities in sl. 
questions came up on methods to empower folks with severe speach problems to communicate more fluidly, and on body language.  there was much interest in the group during these topics.
some had been to the blog here and shared how they were touched.  some had linked it to their blogs  (=   some shared how specific writings by the group had moved them.  we shared how the feed back on the blog had been read and enjoyed by wilde.
there were many requests for meeting times with wilde in world.  hang out times.  where those who cared and wanted to tell them hello or maybe ask a question could.  john offered to help with hosting some events~   wilde will discuss ideas with john  this tuesday when he visits.   its their call~    and their choice of fun that matters (=
there were several wonderful contributors to the discussion.  one guy offered to try and help get rebuilt computers for others who might like to play sl and experience these same liberating things.  (=   we got his name~   ty  ty  ty    we sure hope all this opens up more opportunities for more peoples!  perhaps other day programs, clubs, or activity centers will follow suit.  we are quite happy to help, guide, or answer questions on this if your interested!  (=
it was pointed out that the sl community had had such a strong positive resonce and welcome for wilde.   that the inclusion by the residents, the whole hearted embrace if you would, had effected them and allowed for whole integration/inclusion and allowed wilde greater contribution and to more sources.
there was a discussion on how all people with disabilities just crave to be treated like everyone else. or be acknowledged as the same as everybody else.  how the virtual community empowers that better than the physical, and can do so quite dramatically.
there was good discussion on communication and emotional bandwidths, chat verses 3D world experiences, and how sl is a very good merge of both allowing for emotions better than other mediums out there.  it was more of a whole experience.
there was a loud request for wilde to put together something for the academics of the world to read.  its not the first time the ideas been voiced, but my responce was/is, for now we go slow and just lay a good foundation.   such things as that must be carefully looked at by all participants.  and its all very new to us.   
a good discussion was also held on the socialogical implications of persistant virtual communities.  many areas influenced were singled out and elaborated upon.  this was one of the many hotbeds of discussion.   
wilde had wanted to be at the meeting.  they cant come to evening events.  they read about it in the events schedule and in the blog and are very curious to find out its summary.  they said to tell the people at the event, and i did, that they were there in spirit.  they wish people could see what it all means to them and does for them.   
john moderated the 2 hour event very well.  it was the first of hopefully many empowering events.  again, if this makes a difference anywhere then we've reached our goal.   
wilde, ty guys for opening us up a bit. and for making your mark in the world.  its a very good mark!
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Thanks for hosting the great chat yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the project as a whole, and Wilde's experiences specifically. Also thanks to the Second Life residents who attended and added to the discussion. Very educational.

Posted by: Tony Walsh | Jan 29, 2005 7:23:21 PM

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