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a word with scott

scott said yesterday he wants to imput into folks, to let them know some of his challenges.   in part to teach the world.  certainly not from a sence of personal sorrow.

tho~ not talking can be hard NOT to feel sorry or frustrated about at times.  it can try the heart of the best! 

scott is at peace with hisself.

scott  has very limiting cp.  he lives in a group home with 3 other peers.   he is happy.  a sport's fiend.  very very close to his family who are truely a family of friends.  they share many happy laugher filled times as a family, and he gets to see them every couple of weeks or so.  (=

what if you have a lot to say and so little time in which to say it??

all the same feelings, thoughts, questions, ideas, small talk, humor....  its all there!!

there are lots of ways to communicate, which each of us take for granted.
me??  well, i most often use yes, no and ty with speech... those are hard enough to get out, taking time and energy.   i have other phrases, words if i choose, depending on whose listening and if they can recognize them or not. 

i also have a picture board with primary pictures i strain to point to if that seems easier to get my point accross.   i am in my mid 30's...    i have much to say.  what can a picture board do for me??   pictures are so very very limited!!!         still, life would sure suck if i didnt have my picture board!  thats an undestatement!  i depend on my tray.  it is almost like a piece of my body.   

the goup mascot, who is typing this for me would say that my understanding of hard and complex issues in life supercedes that of my average world peer. 

i have listened to much over my life.   many many settings, situations.   sometimes listening--then thinking, makes you smarter.   the mascot is continually blown away by the depth of my understanding, and of the choices i make, my whys...

lets say i have an idea for a group activity we all want to do.  how can i tell you?
first how do you know i have something to say?  there is a busy and active room about us generally, and even if its mellow and i have your undevided attention...  how do i start?

i tense up.  i change my face.  my whole body look is different.  (=   
so you ask what..  i confirm i've something to say usually by smiling or by going to my board or by an intense waiting stance...  you begin to offer me catagorical options to choose from...   hopefully within 10 guesses you are right hahaha... if not we keep going.  then selections are made until we come to the FIRST part of my communication.  maybe we have isolated it ... or at least come close.   

close has to be good enough sometimes.  specifics can be very tricky to convey in our very real world.  and sometimes close took us a long time to get to.  so we are happy with close!

some times you have to give up.  it may be burning inside you to be said, important even, but sometimes you have to give up and let it go.   either from the frustration levels of one party, the hopelessness of a breakthrough, time, or just you dont have the strength to keep going right now.

hopefully we will come back to it.
hopefully the breakdown in communication wont have super serious consequences... but really... what can ya do??  certainly we try harder than most to communicate well.   sharing, talking---  we never take those things for granted.  riches they are..   and we know it.

mind you its not always like that.  the more you work with a person the better they get to understanding you and what you might be apt to say.   its not that theres never understanding.  but that its priceless when it flows, and especially easily. 

what sucks beyond words to describe is when you have someone whose worked with you long enough to know pretty much what you mean, they are intuitive to your sways, directions, can finally understand more of your vocabulary.  some never get it even after years!!!  what sucks beyond words to describe is when that person you love with more than your soul goes and moves on.  boom!  crash!   kathuddd!!   not ony are they gone but some extreamly green newbie is now needing to be trained heh.  what a long process!  sigh...  oh well what can ya do....  at least you get to meet a lot of nice people.  thats always good.  and from time to time ya get one who sticks around a bit.

my mom...  i have to talk about my mom.  perhaps i will write a whole notecard about her soon.   my mom understands and is amazing.   no post could ever do her justice or the gratitude i have for beien given a mother who is such a wonderful friend!  i was born on christmas and she's always delighted i was her christmas baby, but honestly i think shes just as much my christmas gift from above as i am hers.   

words, so simple, so powerful.   may you always use them wisely~

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Scott, you've definitely opened people's eyes. You've had so many challenges. And you've used your experiences with these challenges to help educate others. That's a fantastic accomplishment. I hope you share more about your mom in the future. I would love to read about her...she sounds like a wonderful person.

Posted by: John Prototype | Jan 23, 2005 1:03:54 PM

scott you have a toooon to share with folks! and they learn from you all the time~ i'd love for more folks to know all the wonders that you are. MANY times i've learned things from you i wouldnt have picked up other places. you are insightful beyond what i could express.

you are my shade tree scott. you hold me up loooottsa times, just by a glance. if not for you i couldnt be the me i am for others. cuz of you dear scottie! you rock the world darlin... the mark you leave on the world just keeps on giving. know that. know how very very much you make the world better- for many!

go m'dear scottie go!

Posted by: the mascot | Feb 19, 2005 3:05:18 PM

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