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arm wrestling

'no more'  dan says to me  regarding drinking some coffee.
'then i guess we have to fight dan'  i say
he laughs 

its very difficult for dan to drink.  he can't keep the straw, even tho its an adaptive straw best suited for him, in his mouth.  he's now tired of attempting to get the liquid in his mouth.  he's succeeded in getting about 6 ounces down, less than a cup. 

he agrees to try some more as he knows getting fluids down is imperative to his health and well being.  several attempts later we are close to the one cup mark.   he's having a difficult time remaining patient with the process and i can see it in his eyes.  one more try... regardless of the success.  and he does it, dan broke the one cup mark and we cheer.  i pick up his hand and kiss it, 'good work dan'.  guess that means we dont fight today~   

dan laughs

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It's always so inspirational to read about someone reaching their goal, especially a very difficult one. Thank you for sharing that. Dan, you rock! Go SOX! :)

Posted by: John Prototype | Jan 23, 2005 12:22:28 PM

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