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because of you, a poem for scotts mom

because of you

what can i say to the  woman who fills my heart with song
whose brought me up to be a man, whose taught me right from wrong
whose understood my hopes and dreams and always been right there
to dry my tears, and calm my fears and shown me how to care

what can i say to the dearest soul, whose been my truest friend
whose support has steered n reared n cheered me on through each twist n turn n bend?
whose strength of heart has taught me much to be what i should be
avoiding many pitfalls, without her where would i be?

because of her my world makes sence
my futures filled with hope
because of her i can give back
and help others now to cope

because of her i am me
and such a joy i have of heart
because of her i am so full
we're never far apart

thank you mom for all youve done
and all youve given me
another would have never done
your love has set me free

i love you mom
your adoring son

you are the happiest moment of my life!

this poem was read in world by scott's mom.  she's raised an awesome son, one of my dearest truest friends!

Posted by group mascot on January 13, 2005 at 06:25 AM in scott's writings | Permalink


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Scott, thank you for sharing more about your mother. So she was in SL and read this as a notecard? Wow, that's amazing. I have to agree with lilone/mascot...your mom definitely raised a great son. :)

Posted by: John Prototype | Jan 23, 2005 1:17:40 PM

Your poem says so much about your mother & your feelings of love & respect for her. She must be very, very proud to have such a thoughtful & talented son!

Posted by: elizabeth | Jan 24, 2005 8:26:29 AM

your mom is such an example to moms scott! i wish i could show the mom's of the world the power they have-- your mom is a ten. i respect her and love her too scottie. your mom rocks!

Posted by: the mascot | Feb 19, 2005 3:10:21 PM

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