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Conference on "Social Network Media"

Take a look at this conference.

Here's a snippet from their site:

"The NVHA Innovations conference on Social Network Media is designed to increase the knowledge base of the nation's largest and most influential health agencies on the evolution of Social Networking Media (SNM). We are bringing together some of the top industry leaders, and academics for a three day intellectual exercise in learning innovation and application. Our attendees will explore the possible uses of SNM with their peers from other agencies, developing innovative long term scenarios, and identifying both risks and opportunities.

Please feel free to look through the site. We will be adding information to the site blog as we get closer to the conference. In the coming weeks we will also add biographies of our speakers as well as a post event survey following the conclusion of the conference."

Sounds pretty interesting.  Robin Linden will be speaking at this meeting. 

But of particular interest.....check out their blog.  Looks like someone at the American Cancer Society noticed us. :)

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omg wilde, that artical that was noticed by the american cancer society was on ya'll!! heh it was the one that hamlet wrote on the 9 souls of wilde cunningham~ woo hoo~

thx for sharing that john

Posted by: the mascot | Jan 27, 2005 5:17:29 PM

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