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danny, as we know him

danny has always wanted to write a book about his life
(while this is a feeble attempt to capture pieces of him)
the hopes of his dream being realized, and just telling his story,
has brought daniel to tears... 

and so we begin

danny just turned 70 this year.  he's a proud intelligent deeply caring gracious understanding and wildly funny man!   he has a passion for his fav sports teams and lies awake in bed listening to his radio just to catch all the games!!

danny would want you to know he's been to washington dc, in the capitol, protested there for the rights of those in nursing homes.... he's written letters to the govenor dicatating to anothers hands.... invited the mayor, whose come, to see him and his friends.

he'd want you to know hes held a job, used to do many things hisself, and has loved the same babe for 50 good years.   we'll save more of that for him / them to add themselves.

danny looooooooves his family.  hes come from very good rich stock.  hes been very very lucky like that.  big italian family  who love him dearly!   

danny would tell ya generally long before now that he has cp.   he'd say he lives in his body, and his mind is all there.   thats his intro to folks who first meet him.  he's not embarrassed by his disability.  he knows he is NOT his disability~   

dan's shell is much more frail than average.  not much of his body will listen to or follow his bidding.   he can kinda still use his hands, tho they have no grip.    he puts forth effort to shame the valient in doing so.   a very noble man.

its also very difficult for him to be understood.  while his thoughts are clear his speech is greatly impared.  even those who've know him his whole life strain for clues to understand what he's straining to get out.

daniel is a well thought man of deep convictions, whose seen far more than most in life, having been to so many extreams, seeing so many extreams around him...   

and can he laugh!!   he loves to laugh!!  and sing ' i'm dreaming of a white christmas...'  once we were on a plane together, w hich was quite the ordeal for him to board having been harassed and then carried and stuck etc etc....once when we were boarding this plane he began singing this song and the whole crew and passangers stopped... stunned to hear him sing, so passionately from the heart.

you see danny has a hard time talking too.   its like listening to broken language through an accent too difficult to comprehend.  you know it makes sense, you strain,  but even knowing him closely, it can take 25 times to be understood.   not always... but nearly every day a few times..  some things can be picked out without much effort.   

but he looooves to sing
and we all understand
and the whole crew on the plane stopped till he finished
in their tracks
such a darlin man

life as danny hasnt always been easy.   he wants people to know some of these things.   remember you can stop reading anytime you want.    hehe  life isnt always for the quiesy of heart! 

danny lives in his own apartment, alone, with care givers who pop in and out to feed, clean or put him to bed.   they dont speak much english-- heh--- and some might say neither does he   (=   but they try very hard to communicate!!  he's frustrated that he can't better food, and that training someone to help when they cant understand is often impossible.   

daniel would want you to know he needs someone else to shop for him, cook for him, and even to feed him.   he cant control any of his body parts enough to do those things.   it can be hard to be dependent.   

he comes to our caring program with much eagerness day by day till 3pm when he begins the long treck home again.  except on the days his elevator breaks leaving him trapped in his home alone for days on end with lil fleeting breaks of busy caregivers who flitter in then out again.    sometimes its been broken for weeks.  during those times all he can think about is a fire breaking out and his inablity to get out, and how much he misses his friends.  or if his wheelchair breaks and he cant get out, once again totally out of his control...   those are hard times, and long days, and all are so glad when he is back again!  none more so than he... tho his babe might be a close second!

all who know him love him.  danny is well loved by many and has touched the souls of more than i would ever dare count.

danny tells the funniest stories!   he knows how to get us all laughing...

a valient warrior of many seasoned years...   getting a lil tired for the fights at times
but always finding something else to smile about...   

dan wants to write more, share more,  and will as time and life allow.  keep checking back!

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Danny, I've always been impressed by your sense of humor, even when you've been dealing with difficult issues in your life. You definitely have the aura of a warrior...someone who has seen many battles and has always managed to smile in the face of adversity. And your work as an advocate, protesting and writing letters to politicians..that's great.

But you didn't tell anyone that you're a big SOX fan! What a fun ride this past world series. You must have been tickled pink. :)

Posted by: John Prototype | Jan 23, 2005 1:14:01 PM

Danny, you sure have done a lot with your life already!

I'm going to come back here looking for one of your funny sttories too!

Posted by: elizabeth | Jan 24, 2005 8:36:33 AM

darlin dan.... huuuugs! your life has mattered more than you know! ever since i've known you, youve wanted to have others learn from the hardships you've seen. sweetie they are seeing. they are learning. you have always mattered and always will. your story will go on and on. huuuugs you!

Posted by: the mascot | Feb 19, 2005 3:07:32 PM

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