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Details about Donations

We've just added a donation button to the Live2Give blog (in the left column on this page).  This will give people interested in contributing to the Live2Give project the ability to donate online using Paypal or a credit card.

Currently, the members of Live2Give are a group of 9 people from the Evergreen Center, all of whom share a single computer when accessing Second Life.  Many of the Live2Give members have problems controlling where they look.  This means it can sometimes be difficult for them to focus on a single  computer screen.  Add to this the fact that we are trying to expand our group, to include more people during our sessions online.  Therefore, our current goal is to raise funds so that we can purchase an LCD projector.  This will allow us to project the computer screen on a wall so that everyone in the group will be able to easily see what's going on, and for us to allow our group to grow even larger!  The projector we'd like to buy costs $750.

All donations will be initially used towards buying this projector.  I am using BrainTalk Communities Inc. as the organization to receive and process the funds.  Since BrainTalk Communities is a non-profit organization, all donations are fully tax deductible, and all donations made through the "donate" button on this Live2Give site will be used *exclusively* for the Live2Give group.

In the future, as the members of Live2Give grow beyond just the group at the Evergreen Center, we plan to use any donations to help expand our Live2Give project to help more people around the world.  We'll always keep you updated on exactly how any donations will be used.  Please just bookmark this post...we will be editing it in the near future.

Live2Give members aren't looking for handouts.  As we've said before, all the participants in Live2Give want to become productive members of society.  But we also realize that some of you may wish to help us financially achieve our goals.  By donating to Live2Give, you will be helping a group of people become more independent and explore new ways online to interact and communicate with people across the globe.  Thank you.

-John Lester (Second Life name: John Prototype)

--------UPDATE February 11, 2005 -----------
The immediate goal has been achieved!  Wilde now has a video projector!  Please see this post for details.

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