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fridays rush and welcome back charlene!

friday we shared many many thrills, what getting the new computer up, having it fly...   being able to go our own blog as a group with time enough to post live!!  woo hooo  we were able to jointly hang on the blogs and read, discuss and contribute.

john s  shared his perfect day here in the blog, not only with the world, but also aloud to his peers...  what an interesting thing for each of us to know...  what really means so much to those around them. part of johns composition was fine tuned there as he composed.  it was actually quite beautiful and definately a huge blast for us all!  john and i wondered what a book would read like which was called 'my perfect day'  and was filled with nothing but such stories!  (=

not only did we have a flying machine on a huuuuge new monitor- 21 inch-  FREEDOM !-    (=   , not only could we go to our blog and listen, celebrate...  we also got to post ourselves in the sl forums~  what a difference having a solid computer can make!  it was almost like having twice the time !   additionally (now with all this good how can there be an additionally?  good question  ) we got to spend time on our island.  yes!!   its really turning out so kewl for us--  and looks like for others too!  (whoda ever thunk it ?? )   so much to do, so little time.  but we were zipping through!  we could tp at will.  we could im without a calling card- which we needed to do!  many good sl things.  the crew hated to go... but at least there wasnt mutany this time~    heh

yes... still more....   we were able to compell charlene to come play with us again!  (she had a great time as we all knew she would!   we looooooove charlene!  i wont say much about her till shes more into it-- but she reaaaaally rocks!  she's just so wonderful and brings so much life to life.  i will say shes wicked smart, has a sharp witty side, and an infectious laugh!   we were soooo happy!   we teased her that she's being too stuck up to play with us- everyone laughed... and slowly slowly over the course of our play she began to get into it.  to taste it and see how rich and sweet it was.  omg world-  should charlene get turned lose on ya'll...  look out!  she'll ROCK the world!  heh~ 

it was so nice to have her with us, sharing all this.  having the computer with sweeter graphics i'm sure helped... wasnt as slow maybe or hard to follow.   whatever the reason we hope we have her hooked.  i cant help wondering what these new freedoms would bring to her... the good she'd realize from oh so many venues!  come... charlene.... come~   

friday was a sweet sweet day for the members of wilde.  the computer and the virtual community made so much possible for us.   it made for a very rich day.   heh, all that and they still had time to give me a hefty to-do list for them!   

point to ponder...  what if people like my dear friends all over the world were set free?

isnt this kewl?

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