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john s on his 'perfect day'

john wrote this as a reply to elizabeth who asked about anyones 'perfect day'.  since they wanta answer in some detail i've pulled this one out of the comment section where it originally posted and put it in with wilde's writings. 

my ideal day, by john s

my idea of a perfect day would be to have everyone from my group home, who also have cp, and every staff we have to come to the day program on a friday. i would also like my best friend randy to come as well. we would all go in on a friday.

after getting there we'd go into the computer room, just ourselves and the mascot and would pop open both second life and this blog. i would loooooove to share these big parts of my life with them so they can see first hand how cool they are.

in second life we would tour all our old haunts from wildes early roots at our first kiosk, to the wonderful home baccara and mash helped us to establish, to our to our new island in all of its glory!

i'd show them every inch of the island and then see if they could find my hidden treasure! i know we'd have so much fun!! i'd show them how i named each fish and see if they wanted a fish named after them!

on the blog i'd have them read eeeeevery word! i KNOW they would be excited. probably one of my roommates and i wont mention who, mara! would be jealous as anything. lol

by the time they were all finished exploring they'd be hooked!  and wanting to open their own sl accounts!

after several hours of laughing and sharing and dreaming together we would all head home to our cozy house and have a big aromatic feast.

after we'd all eaten our favorite foods till we could hold no more and had talked about second life and our blog a few hours, i'd hook up my new dvd collection on the waltons and i'd watch eeeeeevery episode~ back to back! i've never seen that show, now that i have the dvd's i still cant watch it as theres no dvd player in the house! so i'd watch it from beginning to end savouring eeeeevery morsel!

then we'd all go to bed and dream magical dreams till dawn!

this is what a perfect day would look like to me! 

i give the overall accounting of this post a 10 on saying exactly what i wanted to say!

until the next time,
john s

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(I copied my comments from the other location to here)

Wow, john s! So sorry I haven't responded to this until now!

To be surrounded by your friends, sharing your excitement with them, yes truly, that would be a perfect day! The feast sounds pretty good too! :)

I haven't thought about "the Waltons" in years! I like that show too. I'm glad you mentioned it's on DVD now. I'm going to have to see if the library here has it. Thanks!

How many fish do you have on the island? Are they all named after people you know?

I give your post a "10" too! It made me feel good to read it & imagine all the fun you'd have! :)

Posted by: elizabeth | Jan 31, 2005 10:01:02 PM

john there is sooo much for folk to learn from you. i loved your perfect day. it totally surprised me. i woulda never guessed this over all your options. keep sharing! blow us away john john, blow us away!

Posted by: the mascot | Feb 18, 2005 11:24:52 PM

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