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Meeting wilde at a Tribal Drums event

I've met wilde in real-life a few times now during my visits to the Evergreen Center.   Wilde is the "group account" in Second Life that June-Marie uses when she has sessions at the Evergreen Center.  But today I had the chance to meet wilde in Second Life for the first time.

It was at a Tribal Drums event, hosted by Lecktor Hannibal.  Everyone was sitting around playing drums, dancing and chatting the whole time.  Ace Cassidy created the space and the drum devices.  When you sit in front of them you can play them with your avatar's hands, filling the air with the sound of drumbeats.  Lots of fun.

Wilde's avatar currently has a female form.  We sat next to each other during the drum session.  It was wonderful to see everyone talking to wilde, sharing the moment and socializing.  Here are some photos from the event.  Wilde is the woman avatar with the long blueish hair.  Lecktor is the man using the large red firey drum.  Ace is sitting with spikey hair and holding a beautiful drumstick totem.  All around the area are drums for people to play on.  It's a great place.


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