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New Dedication Plaque

I just finished added a small thing to Live2Give Island.  A Dedication Plaque on a small stone pillar, located right on top of the telehub.  When you teleport to the island, you'll end up standing right next to it.  Hard to miss. :P

The virtual world is a world of electrons, ephemeral and without physical substance.  But the places and spaces in virtual worlds are quite "real" in many ways.  The people who visit them are real.  The creations that people share in them are real.  The emotions and friendships and interpersonal relationships  behind everything that happens in them are real.

With that in mind, I've created a very physically-real-looking stone pillar with a plaque on it.  Similar things are often put up in the real world when a new building is built or an area of land is dedicated to a special project.  Live2Give island is as real as those places, so I thought it needed something similar.  The plaque reads:

"Live2Give Island - Created as a safe and supportive community to help people dealing with Cerebral Palsy and similar conditions.  This plaque is dedicated to all the pioneers of Live2Give and WIlde who worked together to shape this new world into a place where people help each other, educate the public, and show the world that despite our physical differences we are all the same.  Founded January 13, 2005."


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