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pictures of the crew


this would be john s, scott,  johanna,  and mary

this is johanna,  mary, and john g


this is charlene


danny  at his 70th bday party, pointing to his head saying he's all here!

danny and johanna, together 50 years and counting


john s


mary the queen of hearts


micah  aka the joker


scottie and micah halloween 04

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It's so nice to see real-life pics of the crew. I'm glad they all wanted to put them up. Micah, your halloween mask is awesome. And Dan, what a great bunch of balloons! Looks like you had a great birthday party. Wish I could have been there. And hello to everyone else in the crew. Look forward to seeing you all again a week from Tuesday! I'll remember to print printouts of Live2Give Island and anything else I can think of that you might like to have for your bulletin board or scrapbook.

Posted by: John Prototype | Jan 23, 2005 12:27:21 PM

Wow, your blog has really grown since I last visited :).

I love the photos being shared; it "warms up" the aesthetics of blogging experience. Too, I think it also helps personalize it much more :).

P.S.: The layout of the photos is also very visually appealing. It has a more "friendly" feel when also reading additional entries.

Posted by: Sierra/Rain | Jan 24, 2005 7:46:13 AM

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