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Tabula Rasa - the Island is born

Yesterday I was contacted by Ryan Linden.  Very good news.  The Island sim "Live2Give" has been created and is now part of the public world of Second Life.

The Island "Live2Give" is just a blank slate right now.  An empty canvas upon which the members of the group Live2Give will have the freedom to paint all their hopes and dreams in Second Life.  I expect we will start to see amazing builds and stores on it very soon.  It will also grow to be a meeting place, where we plan to have events that will entertain and educate people.

In my mind, the Island represents a very important idea.  The idea that people dealing with Cerebral Palsy and similar conditions can become productive members of society.  In Second Life, they are free from the limitations they have to deal with in the physical world.  The Island is not meant to highlight how such people are different from the rest of us...rather, it is meant to highlight how they are just like everyone else.  With the same hopes, dreams, and emotions. 

On the Island, members of Live2Give will have the opportunity to host events, build things, create art, manage stores, sell their creations...things that people do every day in Second Life.  And they will also naturally have the opportunity to explore the rest of Second Life.  To be part of a large global community.   The Island merely gives them all a focal point, where they can start on this grand adventure.

The members of Live2Give are not looking for handouts or charity.  While I have funded the initial purchase of this Island for them, they have a strong desire to ultimately develop businesses and host events in Second Life so that they can in time pay for the monthly land fee costs themselves.  My involvement financially and in terms of my own time is on behalf of my non-profit organization BrainTalk Communities.  I consider this an investment...an investment in a group of people that will not only personally benefit but who will bring great things into the world.  Such "returns" are priceless and cannot be measured in financial terms.  I consider it a priviledge to be able to participate in this project.

Ghandi once said "you must be the change you wish to see in the world."  With project Live2Give, I think we will see amazing changes, both in Second Life and beyond...

Here are some shots of the Island.  Some of the Live2Give members expressed an interest in building underwater worlds, so notice that we have a nice bay just waiting for such a project. :)

Take care,
-John Prototype (John Lester)


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there's an old proverb which says not to despise the day of small beginnings. and not to judge a thing by how it looks at the start. wilde is very very excited about all the promise which this holds for them. they are the decision makers and builders and teachers of a space all their own! while we are in the elementary stages of developing the live2give island, many dreams are already taking form! currently we have 3 people in the group who are acting as project managers, reviewing ideas from initial concepts and holding all the power (such a change) for their development. its really something else to have them lead while others and i follow.

i cant wait to see what they will birth into second life, and ultimately into the world. they have far too long been in the shadows. what will the world do when their wisdoms and love come out into the light!

Posted by: the mascot | Jan 17, 2005 8:02:41 AM

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