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the computer has arrived!

the new computer has arrived~  share our joy!!   woo hoo!  we plugged it in at the end of the day and is up and running for tomorrow!  we zipped into sl for about 10 min long enough for me to show them the difference i'd been telling them about and point to the buttons we werent able to see or access before.  the room was filled with squeals of delight and the look on each face was priceless!   no more second rate playing now!!  no more needless crashing when trying to fly about!!  life is good~  and second life, for as great as its been, is about to take on a whooooole new demension!

ty so much to everyone who helped and supported them during the 'before' days.   we are now in the 'after' days~  and a great deal in part to YOU!

the mascot

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Whoooo hoooo, I can feel the exitement you all must have enjoyed. I remember the first days in SL when my computer no longer lagged and such, and it improved the quality so much.

Savor it! And... try to not think about your computer, etc., when it may not be, but due to upgrades and stuff to SL.

It's just so super you have the newer computer and you all can share the journey too! Great news you shared.

Posted by: Sierra/Rain | Jan 28, 2005 4:43:42 AM

hip hip horray! here we are on our own blog on our own computer!! woo hoo cant get any better than this! we are aaaaall so excited! micah says hes so excited he could do cartwheels~ we're so happy (micah howls like a wolve)! thank you universe and everyone who helped.. words fall short!

mary micah john scott

Posted by: wilde cunningham | Jan 28, 2005 10:44:53 AM

Hello :D I have heard this joyous news several times now, and it's a thrill to hear you have a better computer now -- it makes for a more enjoyable Second Life existence, after all. I am currently attending the Discussion Meeting.

This is another big step in the road, and no doubt there will be further technological advancements and lots more fun to be had along the way.

Keep on communicating and expressing yourselves... it's inspiring and positive.


Posted by: Torley | Jan 28, 2005 10:00:22 PM

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