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we love to give, share, and help!

work in progress

for each person on earth to be happy, no matter who they are or where and how they live, each soul needs a place to give something meaningful of themself.   there are many ways people can do this.

even with our obvious challenges we LOOOOOOOOVE to give and make a difference thats real. 

to break the stero type that we are only takers and to illustrate anyone can make a difference if they like, we've included a list of some of the ways we have enjoyed helpin in in the past few years.

a word from our group mascot--  who does the typing-- 
*  plz keep in mind that simple things you do could take us 5-10X your time to accomplish. 
*  sometimes even then we must have the aide of anothers hands, etc...
* some things, even with great desire  or aid, we will never be able to do.    we deal
with that.   sometimes its easier than others, but such is always someones life...   dealing with parts we dont particularly like.   

kk- back to our list of contributions...
we have helped with behind the scene work for telethons, with extra effort. and staff aide we have been able to stuff 1000"s of packets and envelopes.  we generally do this a few times a year and its always a major project...   but after all the effort, it sure feels good to have done something that will help someone.  someone we dont know.  who will never know us.  our part was lil,  but we did it big!

we have taken trips accross town and bumpy roads in thick traffic to volunteer centers, using adaptive tools to yeild finished products for blind children and other young tikes with confusing physical challenges to have better lives by.    in good times we do this once a week with a van load all making the adventurous trek.  we know its worth it. 

one guy whose no longer with our group, we will call him bob.  this guy bob was a wise and brillant hysterically witty and most often right man.  he was a quad we all respected who used his toungue to steer his chair.  he used his toungue to operate switches.  he used the ability to pull his torso back and forth to cut wood by a string drawn saw.  he made a table that way...

i say all that about bob to say that he made stunning cut glass art using adaptive tools at this same volunteer place.   sometimes we sharpen pegs... use saws...   paint furnature... sew...   never discount how big you really are, even if you feel your abilities so small.   each part matters!

we have written many letters to the soldiers in iraq and the surrounding war torn areas.  for some their stay there was too brief to have more than a few contacts.  for others we know they just got ours for they could never write us back.   we heard how these letters were read before whole groups of soldiers and brought tears of laughter and joy to them.   

our group discussed how it felt to be in a very very strange place with scary rules where you are never safe.   they know what it feels like to not feel safe.  we acknowledged what a drag it would be to sleep the way they do for long periods, to lie in the holes in the ground... to never know who was who and when your beloved pal would be gone..

we are big into all human rights-  very big-  for obvious reasons.  and we talked about the iraqi's.  what regular life is like for them there.    what this time in history is, how confusing and painful.  what ever can you hold on to, if you are them???   

so we wrote them to try to encourage them. 

when the hurricanes hit this past fall and damaged so many many lives, we discussed it blow by wrentching blow.    then we raised money by bake sales in our little program and sent over 100 usd to haiti.   we have people in our program from everywhere.  when one place, one heart  is hit...  it is important.    so---  simple, not much by some's standards...  but our little tokens to make the world a better place.

because of second life with its sometimes greater empowerment, we were able to give to the tsunami victems in the indian ocean area.  we were able to give a chunk of our inworld monies which were then converted to rl monies and sent to help.  this new avenue to help is exciting because there will be more of such opportunites ahead, where we can now contribute monitarily where we wouldnt have been able to before!

awe, this is just a tad lil glimpse of our loving to give share and help.

those actually are the easy to see ways... the ways which are  most important come from  within the heart!!   giving to those who will never give back the same around us...  laughing at the preciousness of another...  feeling the burden of the one next to us...   giving a love gift to a friend...  buying someone a soda when they are having a very hard day,  well it always makes them feel better!   making people laugh.... letting another do it their way a few times.   its too easy to get selfish.  selfishness blinds and binds folk!   and greed kills~

this is another peek at who we are...  just another...   hope you enjoy the read~ 
wilde cunningham

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Work in progress? Whoa, from the sound of it you've already done a TON of work sharing and helping others. I can't wait to see what you all do in the future. The world is a better place because of people like you all who reach out to others in need.

Posted by: John Prototype | Jan 23, 2005 1:06:37 PM

i've known a lot of folk who've wanted to help in life. seen it manifested in a lot of ways. i've never seen the burden to help that you all carry. when we came online in the beginning together i never expected you all to play from such a sense of mission. again as so often, you all are my mentors and show me the way to be. ty for that and so much more!

Posted by: the mascot | Feb 19, 2005 2:54:54 PM

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