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what do you see

what do you see when you look at me
can you tell i have a soul
do you see only my body
do you think i am less whole?

can you tell that i have feelings
tho i'm judged by all who gaze
that i hear the words you say of me
i'm not dumb or in some haze

do i make you feel uncomfortable
are you unsure what to do or say
do you pass by dismissing me
or look the other way?

but i'm a soul the same as you
my heart it beats and bleeds
i have hopes and dreams and fears
i have wants and needs

i need someone to look at me
i want someone to care
i need someone to understand
to reach out, if they dare

i promise not to bite you
if you reach out your hand
oh lets be friends and share our lives
wouldnt that be grande?

by john, scott, mary and micah

Posted by group mascot on January 13, 2005 at 07:01 AM in group writings | Permalink


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Another group poem! I love it. More poetry, please!

Seriously, you all should publish a book of this. It's amazing.

Posted by: John Prototype | Jan 23, 2005 1:07:35 PM

ya'll i've seen this poem shared all over the web. never underestimate the dif you are making!! this blog is here for you... tell the world what you want them to know! they are listening guys, they are listening!

Posted by: the mascot | Feb 19, 2005 2:56:44 PM

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