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i hear them

i hear them
by the mascot

i see them now, i see them
all hoping for an ear
reaching out to all who'll come
to come ever  near

i hear them now, i hear them
expressing as never before
pushing and pressing and breaking down
every obstinent door

they are small in their own eyes
these keepers of my soul
feeling only weaknesses
they never feel quite whole.

they do not see their wisdom
which surpasses  you and i
they do not know their power
though its now begun to fly

while they dont speak as easy
and take time to understand
their words now echo far and wide
into distant lands

while in quiet times of composure
they leak out who they are
these humble times now hurl them
as though shooting stars

i see them now, i see them
speaking for the crowds
taking away the mysteries
ripping apart the shrouds

i hear them now, i hear them
as loudly as can be
not  a little one among them
and setting captives free

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