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micah's perfect day~

micah thought a bit about what he might like to do if he could do anything... what his perfect day would look like.  he decided he'd like to go to canada.  he loves other countries!  he wants to take lots of pictures while he's there, especially of the animals.  he'd like to find some really crazy party clubs and dance with a really pretty babe~  lots of pretty babes and take his picture with all of them!   he's never had a date before and would love to really to!   after exploring a few fun clubs he'd  borrow johanna's private jet and fly off to mexico where he'd meet up with a hot latino babe who makes him say hubba hubba~  and dance all the latin dances there are.  he'd party and flirt and just be as wilde and crazy as he can imagine!  of course there would be lots more pictures to be taken~ when they are done they'd go to a hot soothing jacuzi until they had to go home.   

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From Canada to Mexico in one day sounds like a blast! Taking pictures of animals, then dancing the night away in two different countries- sounds like you'd be living high!
You'd be needing that jacuzzi by the end of day for sure!

Posted by: elizabeth | Feb 2, 2005 10:55:13 PM

That's too good Micha; I've never heard a male who admitted wanting to say or ever stated: "hubba hubba." That is precious. Would you be disappointed if she only made you say "hubba" :).

Posted by: Siera/Rain | Feb 4, 2005 3:12:33 AM

go micah go! you have a lot of life in ya to offer us, and i'm so glad that you do! i hope all your hopes and dreams come true.. but listen... remember.. NO WILD PARTIES in my office when i'm out! heh! (=

Posted by: the mascot | Feb 18, 2005 11:20:33 PM

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