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missing you

friday was a bit hard for us.  we really wanted to use the computer!  we tried and tried to find time, but the day was too full of other things and the mascot couldnt steal away anything extra for the computer.    )=   we all hoped that we'd be able to get on for at least a few moments.  when she came into the room at the end of the day to share we could not get on the computer, a dark cloud fell on the room.  it got very quiet.   the mascot was as saddened as we were, but could do nothing.  eyes filled with tears.  WE WANTED TO PLAY!  one of us didnt wanta take no for an answer and began to ask and reask.  the mascot explained there was not even 5 minutes of time we could use. 

john wanted to fly the new airplane... he also wanted to go visit hell..  the group had had so much fun doing both these things.  he and scott were the most upset about not being able to play.  the mascot noted both were the least verbal of the active players.   'does it feel like you've lost your voice when you cant play guys?' she asked, both chime in loudly with their yes's.   'do you feel you are able to be yourself when you are online?'  more yes's. ' when you cant play does it feel like a part of you is lost?'  more yes's, from the whole room.   uggh.   we feel so powerless!

what to do, what to do!  teary bloodshot eyes filled the room as the mascot attempted to lay out a computer plan for monday.  monday seems so far away.  'do you want me to post this on the blog ya'll?  do you want me to tell folks how much you missed them?'  more yes's.  'kk then, its the best i can offer you, but i'll post it on the blog so folk know you were thinking of them, missing them, and wanting to see them.'  they are slightly comforted, but not by much.  i promise to also trek down to see john l and give him something they've made for a mutual friend in california. johns traveling there monday.  they like that.  that makes it a tad bit better, but nothing will take the ache away wholly.    i'm beginning to see even more, how important this is becoming.  i thought i knew, but this took it to a new level.  its a rather depressed room we are all in.

the program day ended.  two of the group left uncomforted, one still with bloodshot eyes fighting not to cry.

so... everyone who may read this....  wilde was missing you.  and they'll see you soon!

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i can't think of any words that would begin to console you for not being able to taste the freedom you longed for on friday. but somehow, i have a feeling you were equally missed by your friends inworld.

like in real life, you may not always be able to see your friends...but you must not dispair. the people who know about you have you in their thoughts, and they like to know that you're ok even if they can't see you.

i have read your posts on this blog and even if i havent met you in second life, your experiences and words have already enriched my life tremendously. thank you for being so open and genuine to anyone who wants to listen. i hope i'll be able to sign on to SL on fridays someday and meet you, but i am usually working and can't play at that time. :(

so hang in there and be strong. :)

lots of hugs for everyone, including your very caring mascot. :)

Posted by: SilverGirl/Amalthea | Feb 13, 2005 2:36:51 PM

I too cannot imagine the heartache and pain you must have felt not being able tl long into the computer and get that chance to express yourselves without boundaries.

I am praying that not only will you have time to play, but your computer will cooperate as well!

I look forward to meeting everyone when you get the chance to once again login ;)

Posted by: Bob Bunderfeld | Feb 15, 2005 7:47:03 AM

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