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moth jokes collected by micah

why did the moth nibble a hole in the carpet?
he wanted to see the floor show!

what do you get if you cross a firefly and a moth?
an insect who can find its way around a dark closet!

whats the biggest moth in the world?
a mammoth!

what do insects learn at school?

what insect lives on nothing?
a moth, because it eats holes!

how do stones stop moths eating your clothes?
rolling stones gather no moths!

keeeeeep laughing!

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Micah, thank you for making me smile :D . I love your valentines day jokes as well. please keep them coming.
love and blessings

Posted by: Anne Marie Bellavance | Feb 24, 2005 10:34:47 PM

Micah, I'll bet you keep everybody laughing all the time! :D These are great!

Posted by: elizabeth | Feb 26, 2005 8:22:18 PM

I love laughter, and yours surely brought more about :).

My favorite, that you shared is this one:

what do insects learn at school?

Gotta keep laughing... just as you said, Micah.

BTW: If it's not too personal, might I ask what your name means. I mean, like when I do name search on my legal name, it means "Grace" and a bunch of other things. Everyone was designated a name by another's design or rationale. So, I'm just curious ... or interested what yours means, too :).

Posted by: Sierra/Rain | Feb 27, 2005 1:16:29 AM

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