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scott on his perfect day

this post was written in four stages.  scott is here while its being written, and he's asked his dear friend mary to be with him during the process.  both are drinking in the tale~

scott on his perfect day

i would begin my perfect day by coming to my favorite day program of all times in the usual way. however! from the moment i pull up in my van i notice it is not a usual day, for the red sox and patriots buses would be parked in front all standing line to greet us!  what a lovely surprise for everyone! 

one by one as we exit our vans they greet us with excited conversation, and hand us winning banners --- for all! i'm so excited its like a dream come true! i just cant believe my eyes!

we go in and share a simple breakfast with them. everyone is laughing and having a great time! i get my picture taken with both teams. then almost as suddenly as they came, they leave.

still very excited from the afterglow, my dear friend mary and i go into the computer room. just the two of us (and the mascot). we go straight to the blog! mary and i begin to post an essay on what it means to have a friend, and a partner to do things with. someone who makes life, your life, better just because they share it with you.  (=  we make this post so good that others read it and are inspired and it changes their lives in a small way.

to be continued after lunch~

after we've written a truely inspirational post on how two are strong then one, we move into our favorite online world, we both go play second life!  just the two of us~   we're gonna just play!

we do things in second life together that we have never done there before. we go club hopping! we find the hottest most fun happenin club in all of second life! there we dance and dance, after awhile we decide to go check out some inworld casinos. every slot machine we play gives us a  payout!  we cant help but laugh~  its too perfect to be real!   

we are enjoying my perfect day so very much. to celebrate our winnings we go to everyplace in the finder menu's top picks and explore!! we find things we never dreamed exsisted and laugh a lot!  mary's having fun too.  which makes me have more fun. 

we stay inworld until our vans come and we have to head home. only in this, my perfect day, i bring my  friend mary home to my house for dinner and games.

everyone is in a party mood at my house. my favorite meal has been fixed and they made mary's favorite dessert! after dinner they turn on our new video camera purchased just for my special day. we tape a full evening of games where everybody wins. we laugh and then laugh some more until its time for us to go to bed. i like seeing everyone so happy around me~  mary goes home in a limousene with the nicest driver!

just before i go to bed, i call my mom and tell her ALL about my dream day! she can hear how happy i am. i can tell she's happy too! that is the cherry on top! i've had the most perfect of perfect days.


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Scott, this sounds like a truly wonderful day!
You've expressed everything so well- I can feel your surprise & delight at seeing those buses there!
I think it's great that you included taking time to post on the blog about the importance of friendship...the club-hopping & casino scenes sound like so much fun too!
Having a video of the evening's games where everyone wins sounds like a terrific idea- a good momento to remember the day by!
My favorite part? When you called your Mom!
Nothing makes a mom happier than knowing her child is happy! :) Great post!

Posted by: elizabeth | Feb 8, 2005 10:33:36 AM

haha too funny! today scott played the slots for his first time since we found some and he'd just written about them. he put in a total of 30 Lindens and got a 500L payout! heh go scott go!

Posted by: the mascot | Feb 8, 2005 7:51:28 PM

Oh my gosh! That's wild! Good going, Scott! :)

Posted by: elizabeth | Feb 9, 2005 12:43:20 AM

i loved watching you develop this scott. i can never know enough about you. how you wanted to spend your perfect day was excellant. thx for letting me share it with you!

Posted by: the mascot | Feb 18, 2005 11:16:06 PM

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