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draft one on caring

micah, john g, nichole, danny, scott, mary, and johanna

this is draft one of a composition/poem?  we wanta do for here.  people all the time wanta see some of the process.  here's draft one.

brainstorming thoughts on caregivers

being able to feel the care
taking the time to listen
getting extra projects we enjoy
spending time
shows respect
supports dignity
trys to cheer us up
or find out what we are happy about
talks to us
cares about the US in us
being included
asked for our opinion
do fun things with us
make us laugh
help with practical needs caringly
quietly hang with us
sometimes have coffee with us
share some of yourself with us
know we all are the same

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This REALLY moved me (in a positive way):

"....cares about the US in us ...."

That is so much the essence of caring. You have all captured/coveyed it so well.

It's what I believe is at the heart of what all seek - in our care-givers.

Posted by: Sierra/Rain | Mar 30, 2005 3:59:46 AM

Well, if this is just a first draft, wow, you guys are awesome!

I think your first item is great!

"being able to feel the care"

While some of us don't need care on a daily basis like you guys do, most of us will probably have to depend on someone else, at some point in our lives. It sure would be nice if they went by your guidelines!

Posted by: elizabeth | Mar 30, 2005 10:10:13 AM

charlenes input:

take us shopping
be motivated, willing to do stuff
be patient
take us to a resturant or other fun public places
help us find solutions
be a friend!

Posted by: wilde cunningham | Mar 30, 2005 6:31:55 PM

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