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feelings of safe and unsafe

we were recently asked in another forum what made us feel safe and what particularly  second life added to such feelings.

as a group we discussed safety and things that make us feel unsafe.  after three sessions of group discussions we offer the following.

things that make us feel unsafe
lack of predictablity
being left alone too long
being in a room with closed doors and no staff
not being understood
staff shortages
people who work with us and dont know us
not being properly in our chairs
being in a strange unknown environment
not being able to ask important questions
someone helping us eat who doesnt know how

things that help us feel safe
being in a comfortable known environment
being empowered
having our wishes understood and supported
feeling free of risk
knowing someone has our backs
physical closeness to those we trust
reassuring touch
basically an inverse of all that makes us feel unsafe

our second life and why it feels so secure
(modified from another forum)

our island is symbolic for all this season holds for us. its the virtual/visual representaion of our hopes, dreams, and future. its our brighter tomorrow.  its the brighter tomorrow for others like us who will come.

its our welcomed wanted valued corner of the world. where we go from the feeling of 'no power' to 'very empowered'. it is the ablity to be seen, matter, and feel real.   all that confines us in the real world is temporarily vaporized.  it goes 'poof'  as john s would say. 

for more on what sl offers to us read john s's writing 'second life for the world'.

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When I read about what makes you feel "safe" & "unsafe", I could really relate to a lot the things you mentioned.

My wish for you all is that those times when you feel "unsafe" are rare. It must be very hard to be dependent on others to that extent.

I'm glad you have SL & all that the opportunites embodies for you!!!

Posted by: elizabeth | Mar 16, 2005 1:56:10 PM

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