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fun times

Upcoming_wedding_2_1baccara rhodes has been a dear friend to us.  here we are sneaking a dance in her wedding ball room a week before the wedding.  shhhh  just dont tell mash!

Chicken_heads_2moon, gywneth and ourselves wearing the chicken head which causes you to dance and cluck.  my how we laughed that day!
Kage_snow_ball_fightclobbering kage w/ snowballs from the snowball shooter. kage is our friend of fun~

hells gates.  they say its easy to go to hell. we had to work so hard to find it, laughing the whole time we did.  it can be quite hard to get to hell.  but once we finally did get in, we had a riot it was so much fun! 
another time out with kage.  poor him!  the mascot was the worst pilot in the world crashing and getting stuck in houses!  to top it off, baby ruby tossed her cookies all over kage!  wilde laughed for days on this adventure! 

Baby_ruby_gets_a_ride baby ruby pulling the monkeys tail.  bad baby ruby, bad!

sh sh sh shopping!!!  we got this wicked kewl light saber with sound effects.  then we stood in this dark hearted room declaring, " we are the new jedi's of love!"

Hamlet our meeting with hamlet for when he did the "9 souls of wilde cunningham" artical in the new world notes, at our first  kiosk in bretton.

john, tim guest, and wilde having our first inworld interview together.  later all of us met in rl.   soon many will hear our stories and know share our joy  how much better real life is for us having discovered second life!

up in our office trying make our 2 month switch back to male.  haha  as you can see there are always stages in change, even if you know where you are going!  we have soooo much fun with sl.  sl rocks~   bring it on!  lets change the world, even if in clunky stages.

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I love the pictures! You guys are all so creative! Keep having fun!!! :)

Posted by: elizabeth | Mar 16, 2005 1:40:27 PM

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