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how we cope. a message of hope.

how we cope
a message of hope
composed by all the wildes

when we are asked to share about ourselves, one of the first things that comes to mind is the unusual set of challenges we face and the tole they can take upon us.  we face things on a daily and frequent basis that would crumble the strong in the non-disabled world.  we dont want to over emphasis, but spotlighting might be helpful.

below is a copy of what the mascot put in another forum on thursday of this week.  it describes as an overview without crushing the readers.  our comments on coping with these things will follow.

we discussed yesterday what might go onto the blog next. what i got from them was a list of challenges. they wanted to discuss such things as what it feels like to talk and never be understood, or the strain and tole that takes on them. one wanted to talk about how they feel at high risk very often for personal safety. that person has had their elevator down and been trapped for weeks in their home. the entire group wanted their wheelchairs discussed.... how when they are broken they can be bed ridden as well as trapped inside. one gentleman had his chair out of commision for 6 weeks because the repair people were so backed up. others raised their voices about what happens when their home care staff doesnt show up. a member shared how she was left in bed till the next day when someone finally showed up. she said she was hungry and needed hygiene cares attended to. what message does this send them? can you feel their dignity and self worth/value assaulted? the list of challenges grew the longer we discussed them. i sat there befuddled wondering how to turn this into blog material.

after we discussed what trampled us to the ground so effectively we highlighted how we get through such difficult things. we singled out some keys that become survival tools. while they want to proclaim these things to the world, they also want to use them as tools to inspire and encourage those in harsh situations who also may be tempted to give up hope.

depending on which one of us is sharing our coping skills look a lil different.  one of us shoots hoops or plays playstation, another goes to her room and surrounds herself with her fav things.  some of us talk to friends just to share how difficult the challenge may be, not that there will be answers. some, but not all of us, pray.  some use relaxation exercises, or listen to favorite music.  we all try to remember they wont last forever.  we try to let them blow past us like the wind as best we can.  like the wind we will feel them, it may chill us, but it blows past eventually.  finding someone to laugh with or at helps.  we discussed that the best thing we can do is look to the tomorrows when we are discouraged.

mary's chair broke as she left the program yesterday facing a weekend in a broken chair and the threat of it not being repaired for some time.  there was nothing that could be done.  there was no one to answer the phones for repair service.  sometimes theres  no way out but through.   while our challenges may be different, and often hard to resolve, the tomorrow always comes. 

we look to the future and call for it to come.  when theres nothing left to hold to, we hold onto that!

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I can't imagine having to go through the things you guys have- not getting to eat or have needs attended to because someone didn't show up!!! Having to be without a wheelchair for long when it's such a necessity to you! Your coping skills are awesome, but I wish you'd never have to use them on stuff like that!

Mary, I'm sorry to hear about your chair breaking too!

Posted by: elizabeth | Mar 16, 2005 2:04:27 PM

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