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pix of the island

Welcome_area this is our welcome area.

Tropical_lifejohn s loves fish.  this is his coral reef  below the coral reef is a secret chamber filled with john's imaginative goodies.
this is the crystal garden notecard area.  wilde's most popular writings live here to be shared.
Human_rights_lookouthuman rights trail culminates at human rights peek.  here a new pix flashes to remind us all deserve equal good.

Mermaid_poolcharlenes mermaid pool.  she's designed it to be mostly moms with kids and has named each of them carefully.
here they ride john s's sea horse

our office in the sky where we can entertain
or im quietly

Wilde_wishing_star_beachwishing star beach.  the starfish contain special wishes

Water_swinghave you ever used a swing over water?  know what happens when you jump off?  splash!  you get to see the sea monkeys!

mmmmm  our island jacouzzi.  this lives in an underwater home built for a non wilde live2give island resident. 

our raft to dream upon floats in the bay.  there you'll also find baby moses floating in a basket with the question, 'what if no one had saved him?'
Tire_swing our tire swing while sails amidst birds and butterflies.

Our_drumsthe island drum circle.  click on a drum and play your cares away!  or if you feel more like dancing, click the drum in the center and dance to anothers beat!
drumming away the night, calling forth to usher in a new day

it was hard for baby ruby not to get sea sick as she sailed on our back around the island.  but at least the dolphins made her laugh!

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Wilde, I can't get over how creative you are!!! John S., your coral reef is beautiful! Charlene, I love the mermaid pool- it's fantastic! Wishing star beach brought back some good memories of a day when I walked on a beach & hundreds of Sea Stars had washed ashore- it was one of those rare days when you lose track of time & come away with a sense of peace. I love the idea of the star fish containing special wishes- wonderful! I'm so glad you posted these pictures!!!

Posted by: elizabeth | Mar 18, 2005 4:29:20 PM

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