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april fools!!

a journal entry for april fools day!
by all the wildes

what a wonderful funderful laughter filled day....  we'd talked about april fool's day  ever since the LAST april fool's day!!  we'd planned and promised.. schemed and smiled...  it was gonna be fun!

karen, our picture perfect grp leader, conspired with johanna about getting ruby, our other much loved group leader.  poor ruby!!  johanna hid in the kitchen while karen told ruby that johanna had left to her brothers in florida while ruby was away.  johanna stayed tucked away.  ruby was very distraught!  a lil bit later she went into the kitchen and found johanna there and they all shouted april fools!  everyone laughed!  we'll talk about that one for sometime to come.

mary met the mascot first thing in the morning.  she was trying to get my attention and putting some effort into telling me i had a spot on my forehead... or the like.   knowing how wild my hair is from rebellious curls i thought i musta had a fuzz ball in there or some other gawd aweful thing...  she blurted out april fool's--- she TOTALLY  got me!   first thing in the morning... sheesh.  i thought i was prepared.  (=

karen tricked mary telling her she'd won a lottery ticket... i forget the details, but mary bought it hook line and sinker.  when karen went to try the same trick on danny she could barely get it out before she blurted --' no sir, i cant lie to you!'  haha  that one was on karen!  we laughed as we recounted it!

john s had been sick and was just returning and not really feeling too well.   the ruthless mascot was having a deep and meaningful conversation with him and then said that while he'd been away she'd given 2 weeks notice  and really only had about a week and a half before she was gone.  ouch!  bad mascot bad!!  within seconds, within the safety zone, she said aprils fools!  he smiled..   he'd been tagged early in the day too!   i told him about a joke that i'd planned on someone else still unplayed. 

karen was playfully pranked a few times, but i forget the details.  i sure hope they got her good! 

johanna told ruby that the director wanted to see her!  our director is fun-- i bet she smiled the whole time! 

we gathered together as a group having a discussion on several points when that bad mascot casually shared a few people who would be swapping groups... for about 4-5 seconds as the group thought... hummm???     and then she said april fools!  MAN!  did the room laugh! it was the best group laugh of the day!

then we were on an outting--micah, john g, and scott.   oh we played the best foolery on that outting!          giggles... people will laugh about that one for some time to come!

oh just too many fun moments to share them all well, but well we will remember them! 

its nice to laugh, especially when all laugh together!  its rumored to even be medicine!

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the pits

the pits
how it feels to be in a wheelchair
by charlene

being in a wheelchair is the pits i tell you all
even if your wonderful it will make you feel quite small
the normal lil things you would simply like to do
never come as easy for me as for you~

you must always find a different way
whether its for work or whether its for play
its a struggle to know just how to adapt
when like me to a wheelchair your strapped

yet even so, when your finished its good
you didnt give up, you did what you should
at least you could move, at least you could give
i suppose there are worse ways to live

i remember the days when i could move about free
it was like WOW'!  as big as the sea
i didnt feel lowly or less than or small
i didnt have to worry about what if i should fall.

i'm the same as you i know this inside
yet never i feel it no matter how hard i've tried
i'm happy dont misread me, i laugh often, i'm smart
but i feel small if you peek inside of my heart

being in a wheelchair is the pits i tell you all
even if your wonderful it will make you feel quite small
being in a wheelchair is hard, yes this is true
its hard for me, it would be hard for you too~

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