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the magic carpet

one of the things wilde had waiting for them when they returned to second life was a new magic carpet that takes the rider all over the island and then returns to its home base.  below are some pix we took that they said they 'd like up here. 

flying past the front of charlenes treasure laiden home

flying past the primary kiosk.  people come and check this out every day~ 
wildes writings live in these crystal gardens.  you touch a dispensor and out comes a writing!


flying past the tv that flashes pictures of wilde having fun in sl.  this pix here is of their baseball hall of fame which can be found on the island.

another new part of the island is a small park over by starfish beach.  it hosts partical trees and faeries

cruising through what john s calls his sensory room.  its a dark underwater area with wonderful visual effects


a glimpse of human rights peak which hosts a flower garden dedicated to micah's mom.
below human rights peak is a grove of trees where the animals love to play

coming in for landing as we cross over the freebie area

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