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2008 Update

Wilde has been unable to compose on this site for some time but asked that it be left up for people to continue to read and hopefully hear their message. They no longer have a person onsite to help them put their expressions online.  They do, however, continue to play Second Life periodically as someone is available to be their human interface for the computer.  Furthermore, their program location and name has changed from The Evergreen Center in Mattapan MA to Baycove DayHab in Dorchester MA.

The book by Tim Guest called Second Lives was published in the Spring of 2007 in which they are spotlighted in not one but two chapters of his book.  In the Fall of 2007 the CBS Early Show flew out and did a spot on them filming and interviewing them which aired to the masses.   In Spring 2008 they were mentioned in the opening address by Congressman Markey before the entire Congress of the United States.  In addition their work inspired a gentleman in the UK who also had Cerebral Palsy to become an active speaker and travel to other countries doing TV and radio spots for the rights of people with disabilities.   Universities have sought their permission to use these very writings in classes.  As of this posting reporters still contact the mascot to learn more about Wilde.  Something that started off small has turned out to make a big impact on the world.

Please feel free to look through the tabs on the sidebar of this page for specific writings.  There are jewels mixed throughout this blog waiting for you to uncover them.   If you want further information, would like to help Wilde get online more often, or would like to model this project in your own community, please feel free to contact the mascot at [email protected]

This blog helped change Wilde's life~  May it do the same for you!

The Mascot

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