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May 17, 2005

Curing MS: Decade of Discovery

Annemarty_sm The Partners Multiple Sclerosis Center, created in 1999 and led by Howard L. Weiner, MD, Executive Director and Samia Khoury, MD, PhD, Clinical Director has long been on the forefront of patient care and research for therapies of multiple sclerosis (MS.) Major strides have been made in our understanding and treatment of MS over the last 25 years. The previous decade has seen major advances in the search for a cure for MS with the FDA approval of drugs that ameliorate the disease, the integration of MRI imaging to visualize the MS process, and a better understanding of the immunologic basis of the disease. Nonetheless, although great strides have been made, our understanding of MS and our ability to treat it effectively are only partial.  To this end the Partners Multiple Sclerosis Center has designated 2005-2015 as a decade of discovery towards an MS cure. The MS team has created an ambitious program that takes into account all aspects of the fight against MS and is designed to be a bold approach that at the end of a decade will have led to major inroads into our understanding and treatment of the disease.  We hope to establish a new definition of the course of MS that will serve as a benchmark for the future and will have a major impact on the medical care of MS patients and MS clinical research. 

As part of the "Decade of Discovery" the MS Center will sponsor an annual symposium where they will present their findings to the scientific community as well as host a special educational session for our patients, their families and donors.

We give a round of applause to The Partners Multiple Sclerosis Center for the enduring work and extend our warmest personal thanks.

Anne Young & Marty Samuels

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